Posted by: abbiewatters | January 6, 2016

Quest for Mindfulness – 6

Who loves the rain

And loves his home,

And looks on life with quiet eyes,

Him will I follow through the storm;

And at his hearthfire keep me warm;

Nor hell nor heaven can that soul surprise,

Who loves the rain,

And loves his home,

And looks on life with quiet eyes.

Frances Shaw


As the West Coast sinks into the rainy days of El Nino, I remember how I craved the rain when I lived in Texas, and we didn’t have much. My friends in California are rejoicing, even as the streams overflow, because they understand how necessary, and wonderful the rain is. Even here in Western Washington, we rejoice as our mini-drought of the spring and summer of 2015 has been replaced by days and days of constant rain. I make excuses that I can’t get outside and walk because it’s “too cold and rainy”, but I also rejoice in the opportunity to snuggle in, and read in front of the fire, and sip soup, and hibernate through these early days of 2016.

I’m using the writings and encouragement of many people – including the daily common lectionary, this website, and this app, in my Quest for Mindfulness.



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