Quest for Mindfulness – 13

I thought revelation came through emotional faith experiences. I thought revelation always came from the mountaintop. Sometimes it does, but this is not the whole of the story. Sometimes–usually, perhaps—revelation is born right from the dirt of ordinary. But we have to have eyes to see.  – Ashley Hales


Miracles don’t always happen in the blink of an eye. Jesus turned water into wine in a miracle at the wedding in Cana. But isn’t wine itself a miracle? An old Italian saying is “Wine is sunlight held together by water!” The food we eat, the water we drink, the world we live in – all are daily miracles. If only we have the mindfulness to notice them.

Psalm 147:7-9

Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving;

          make melody to our God on the lyre.

God covers the heavens with clouds,

          prepares rain for the earth,

          makes grass grow on the hills.

God gives to the animals their food,

          and to the young ravens when they cry.

I’m using the writings and encouragement of many people – including the daily common lectionary, this website, and this app, in my Quest for Mindfulness.


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