Posted by: abbiewatters | February 1, 2016

January Review

Here were my intentions at the beginning of the year. Let me review how I’ve done, so far.

RESOLVE (or better yet – INTENTIONS)

  • Finish losing the weight I need to by eating right (lo-cal, lo-carb, wine only on special occasions) and strength training 3 days a week.

My diet this month has been a DISASTER. It started with snacks, etc., during the football games, followed closely by Big Al’s birthday (and his request for a Birthday Cake that I bought and then ate too much of).


Then, my wonderful daughter-in-law made a King Cake that I shared with the Monday evening social group, but lots was left over, and I felt like I had to devour it.


Finally, to top it all off, yesterday was our Annual Congregational Meeting and Potluck at church. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have NO WILLPOWER when I’m confronted with a potluck.


So I INTEND to crawl back on my lo-cal, lo-carb diet starting today. (I hope February will be better – as long as nobody invites me to a Mardi Gras Pancake dinner.)

I haven’t done any strength training yet this year, but again, I INTEND to. I HAVE added a weekly stretching class to my routine, so that’s something. It’s a shame that I don’t take advantage of the equipment that’s here at Franke Tobey Jones and available for me to use for free (or at least it’s included in my rent).


  • Walk regularly, either alone or with a group, at least 4 days a week for at least 5 miles.


As far as exercise goes, my FitBit was the saving of me. I managed to log 200 miles in January (most of it on the NuStep) because we have had an inordinate amount of rain, even for the Pacific Northwest. I did manage to get down the hill to the park once and I hope the weather will improve enough for me to make that less of an occasional thing.
2-24 - Path


  • Grow enough vegetables to enjoy and to help supply the food bank.

It’s January, so all I can do is lust over the pictures from last year, and dream of the day the soil will be warm enough to put in some tomatoes and squash and green beans.


I’ve also picked up Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, again, and I’m drooling over the thought that the Farmer’s Market may open in March, or for sure by April.


  • Travel to see Bill and his family (for Ian’s graduation from High School), but don’t focus solely on that. Take several short trips as well.
    • To Pacific Beach
    • To Portland
    • To Spokane to look for genealogical information
    • To the San Juan Islands (because we’ve wanted to return and keep saying “We can do that anytime”, but we never do.)
    • To Victoria, BC

No travel is planned at this time, except vaguely to enjoy our trip to see the grandchildren in May. We are traveling more around Western Washington, though (no new places, unfortunately) because of some of my responsibilities with Presbytery. We almost got to Pacific Beach after a Presbytery meeting, but we both had commitments for the next day, so we nixed that at the last minute.

  • Keep up with Headspace and Tai Chi.

I’ve done a decent job keeping up with Headspace. In fact, if you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I spent all of January on The Search for Mindfulness. I hope you enjoyed some of my posts and pictures, and, maybe, were inspired to give meditation a try.

I haven’t been as regular with Tai Chi, unfortunately. I still make it to class at least once a week, but my church meetings seem to fall on Thursdays and that’s when one of my classes is. I am trying to schedule around it, though.

That’s where I am and what I’ve been doing for the past month. I hope I keep up with you better in February.



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