March Review

Here were my intentions at the beginning of the year. Let me review how I’ve done, so far. (I know, I know, it’s the 4th of April already, but this is for March.)

RESOLVE (or better yet – INTENTIONS)

  • Finish losing the weight I need to by eating right (lo-cal, lo-carb, wine only on special occasions) and strength training 3 days a week.

I stuck pretty closely to my diet in March, but still no movement on the scale. I’m really discouraged, but I’ll keep on with it. I really have no other choice. Even if I’m not losing anything, I’m definitely not gaining, so that ain’t nothing.

I INTEND to keep on eating decently in April.

I’m still avoiding wine, except for the occasional glass when I’m eating out with a group, or at a party.

I still haven’t done any strength training yet this year, but again, I INTEND to. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. One of these months you are going to see this post and find out I’m lifting weights and doing lots of core exercises. Just not last month.)


  • Walk regularly, either alone or with a group, at least 4 days a week for at least 5 miles.

My FitBit keeps me on the straight and narrow. I managed to log over 280 miles in March (about half of it outside) because the weather is finally improving.

  •  Grow enough vegetables to enjoy and to help supply the food bank.

I got my onions planted in my garden, and I’m doing a decent job of keeping the weeds at bay. I put in another row of onion sets that should be ready about a month after the first ones. I planted seeds for two kinds of squash (yellow zucchini and yellow crooked-neck). Only about a month before I can put in tomatoes, and peppers. I’m going to start some green beans seed in the greenhouse sometime this week. My artichoke plant seems to have survived the winter very well.


  • Travel to see Bill and his family. We have the trip to Birmingham all booked. We’ll take the Empire Builder to Chicago and rent a car, then drive to Birmingham in time for Kate’s graduation from 8th grade. Then we have several days to tour around (possibly go to Shelbyville, TN to check on genealogy stuff or to Atlanta or Tallahassee to visit friends.) We’ll also visit my cousin just west of Nashville on the way down. Then Ian will graduate from High School (if he turns in his project that is finished, but still sitting at home). We’ll drive back to Chicago to see Ray and Co., and then ride the Builder back to Seattle.
    • Take several short trips as well.
    • To Pacific Beach
    • To Portland – DONE
    • To Spokane to look for genealogical information
    • To the San Juan Islands (because we’ve wanted to return and keep saying “We can do that anytime”, but we never do.)
    • To Victoria, BC

I will volunteer at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Portland in June. I will go down for the whole week. I’ve got the hotel all booked, and I’m ready to go. What a gift that it will be held on the West Coast. It probably won’t be out here again in my lifetime.

  • Keep up with Headspace and Tai Chi.
I’ve done a decent job keeping up with Headspace. I finished up the pack on Happiness and have been doing “Advanced Headspace”. I still do it regularly every morning. I credit it with helping me keep my sanity.
I haven’t been as regular with Tai Chi, unfortunately. I still make it to class at least once a week, but my church meetings seem to fall on Thursdays and that’s when one of my classes is. I am trying to schedule around it, though.
  • The other big news around here is that Al finally decided to have his cataracts attended to. He had the left eye done the 22nd of March, and the right eye is scheduled for the 19th of April. He’s really happy with the first eye, but it’s keeping me busy putting in drops 4 times a day.


  • We both attended the Democratic precinct convention, and Al was selected as a delegate to the Congressional District (I’m an alternate). We are both Hillary supporters, but Bernie Sanders seems to have stolen the hearts of the Democrats in Washington.

That’s where I am and what I’ve been doing for the past month. I hope I keep up with you better in April.