May Review

Here were my intentions at the beginning of the year. Let me review how I’ve done, so far. (I know, I know, I get later and later. This is for May, really.)

RESOLVE (or better yet – INTENTIONS)

  • Finish losing the weight I need to by eating right (lo-cal, lo-carb, wine only on special occasions) and strength training 3 days a week.

May was a disaster for my diet. Two weeks spent eating out with family and eating on the train spelled a gain of about 5 pounds. I tried to get it off once I got home, but not much luck.The farmer’s market is open, and I’m visiting it every week.

I INTENDED to keep on losing in June. We’ll see how that went.

(I ought to just leave this paragraph out, because I never get around to it, but I’ll keep the intention.) I still haven’t done any strength training yet this year, but again, I INTEND to.

  • Walk regularly, either alone or with a group, at least 4 days a week for at least 5 miles.

I did really well, considering that I spent six days in a train and four days in a car. I did walk a little every time we stopped, and was able to still average 8000 steps a day.

  •  Grow enough vegetables to enjoy and to help supply the food bank.

My garden is coming along nicely.

2016-05-29 16.28.09 2016-05-29 16.29.41

The artichokes and the cilantro really got away from me while we were gone.

  • Travel to see Bill and his family.

We managed this nicely traveling on the Empire Builder to Chicago.

2016-05-15 15.18.22 HDR-2

We had dinner with Ray and Kathy, and then rented a car to drive to Birmingham.

2016-05-15 17.47.13

We stopped to visit my cousin just west of Nashville, and got to meet her grandson.

2016-05-17 12.15.25

Then we had several days to tour around in Birmingham, including a “walking tour” of downtown where we saw lots of markers to the Freedom Trail.

2016-05-21 10.36.33-1

On the way back to Homewood, we went across Red Mountain and stopped to look at Vulcan.

2016-05-21 15.30.03

On Sunday we rode up to Lookout Mountain, and I got to “See Rock City” and “See Ruby Falls”! Spectacular!

2016-05-22 12.37.45 2016-05-22 13.54.33

We got Ian graduated from High School, and drove back to Chicago and then rode the Builder back to Seattle.

  • Take several short trips as well.
    • To Pacific Beach
    • To Portland – DONE
    • To Spokane to look for genealogical information
    • To the San Juan Islands (because we’ve wanted to return and keep saying “We can do that anytime”, but we never do.)
    • To Victoria, BC

I’m looking forward to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Portland in June. What a gift that it will be held on the West Coast. It probably won’t be out here again in my lifetime.

  • Keep up with Headspace and Tai Chi.
I’ve fallen off with my practice of Headspace, but I still meditate regularly every morning. I credit it with helping me keep my sanity.
I’m not very faithful with Tai Chi but I usually make it to class at least once a week.
That’s where I am and what I’ve been doing for the past month. I hope I keep up with you better in June, but don’t count on it.