2017 Intentions – January

As I said here, I dumped my original Star Word in favor of COURAGE.

These are my intentions for the year. Let’s see how I’m doing showing COURAGE in each case.

I will resist hatred, prejudice, and evil, and speak out against all of them when I see/hear them.

  1. I will resist racism by following the actions of Shaun King. You can sign up by sending an email and each day you will receive a couple of suggestions of letters to write, emails to send, or posts to post on Twitter and Facebook, against police violence, and in support of various causes (Standing Rock, etc.)
    1. We’ve had some successes by sending emails and writing letters. New York state is working on a statute to raise the age for treating minors as adults.
    2. We collected enough money for Standing Rock to buy a couple of trucks to haul water and firewood for the winter.
  2. I will resist evil, hatred, and reactionary government by signing up with Wall of Us. Each week you will receive a list of four actions you can take by writing to your elected representatives to ensure your values are being considered by the government. Some are local, some are state, and some are national. Often you will receive suggestions of products to boycott or hatred to call out.
    1. I’ve consistently made phone calls – either in support of my representatives positions or to encourage them to speak out. I have both Senators’ and my Representative’s number saved in my phone and I call, at least, weekly.
  3. I will march in the Women’s March in Washington, in Olympia on January 21st, as a mark of protest and solidarity with feminine causes. Mission accomplished here.


I’m also going to continue marching, when I can get there, and when I feel called upon. I didn’t march against the Muslim Ban, but I may if it continues.

I will exercise regularly and eat good, healthy food.

  1. I will sign up for a circuit training class at the Wellness Center – the class hasn’t started yet, but I’ve begun doing weight work on my own, weekly.
  2. I will try to get 10,000 steps a day – so far, so good, for the most part.
  3. I will log my food every day (and no cheating)  – again, so far, so good. I’ve finally lost the weight I put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, TBTG.
  4. I will cook most of the food we eat from scratch, and will be careful of extra salt and additives in any packaged foods – check, check, and check.
    1. I will cook fresh vegetables when they are available.
    2. I will continue to get Blue Apron meals whenever my schedule allows me time to prepare them. If you would like to try them, send me your email in a comment, and I’ll send you three free meals (I have at least 5 sets available).

I will make personal contact with at least half of the churches in the Presbytery.

  1. I will meet the pastors for coffee and a “get-to-know-you” time – I’ve met with the chairs of all the Commissions/Committees, and have attended one Leadership Council meeting.
  2. I will try to meet with the sessions and invite more participation by Ruling Elders in Presbytery meetings and commissions and committees.
  3. I will continue to work with the Taskforce on New Worshipping Communities and encourage their work – I’m participating in the PNC for calling a pastor to a New Church Development at the Washington Women’s Correctional Center in Purdy, Washington (part of our Presbytery). From now on, I’ll be calling this Purdy Pres, at least until they are formed and can name themselves.

I will work for more racial diversity and harmony in my city and church.

  1. I will facilitate a discussion group at Bethany using The Cross and the Lynching Tree – We’ve had two lessons and my group is engaged and supportive.
  2. I will encourage a dialogue between Bethany and at least one historically Black congregation – no opportunities yet, but I’m working on it.
  3. I will attend meetings of the City Council, and other opportunities to discuss race in Tacoma – I need to put this on my calendar

I will pray for Big Al as he faces decreased mobility and increasing pain from his back problems. I will try to remember that he is hurting, and not push him to do more than he is comfortable doing – I’m doing pretty well with this one, but it means I often go places and do things that leave him at home alone.

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