Physically – Pretty good – arthritis in my thumb is slowly improving
Emotionally – Flat
Mentally – Alert
Spiritually – Solid

1. Asparagus is beginning to sprout
2. Mental stimulation by working on the books at church
3. There hasn’t been any new violence internationally in the last day

My Enough List for the Day (three things I will do/focus on that will be enough for this day)
1. Exercise – 10,000 steps
2. Book the money and deposit the funds for Bethany
3. Wash, and dry all our clothes, and fold and hang my own.

Curiosity (something I’m puzzling over or wanting to pay attention to)

Working of something for writing class

An Intention

Focus on healthy food, not just calories


And the evening list, which I’ve been very irregular with. Oh well:

Three things to celebrate about the day:

One thing I could have done better

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