We Are Standing on Holy Ground

This phrase has been recurring for the last 48 hours. We sang it as one of our opening hymns for worship Sunday.

I spent the last two afternoons in the garden, trying desperately to dig out roots that were older than I am, in order to plant my tomato plants, and the music kept playing in my head.

I remembered that one of the ministers at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas always took her shoes off before she stepped into the pulpit. She said it reminded her that she was standing on holy ground.

And then, Monday morning, in the post from Kate Foster Connors on the NEXT Church blog, the phrase recurred.

I am realizing that wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, even if we don’t remember it, we are standing on holy ground.

1 thought on “We Are Standing on Holy Ground

  1. Well said.

    I remember one interpretation of this phrase (I don’t know Hebrew) to be, “The ground on which You stand is holy.” That implies that the holiness is in the Being standing rather in the ground.


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