Spiritual Discipline for the Week – Disorder – Sunday

Today in church, Pastor Sarah challenged us to practice the spiritual discipline of Disorder this week. Jesus insisted that every person was a beloved child of God. He disrupted the status quo. I like to have things orderly. I’m uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit blowing through the world creating disorder. We all find ways to be hateful to people who are different from us. It can be disruptive when we decide to love instead of hate. When the Spirit blows, it changes our lives. When Jesus’ disorder sounds like a relief, then, things begin to change. We forgive other people and we forgive ourselves. Come, Holy Spirit!

1.  Try to remember that each person you encounter this week is a child of God, holy and beloved. It’s hard to remember this for people who a basically unlovable. But I’m called to do it!

2.  Notice this week when you’re inclined to judge. Try leaning into curiosity instead. Ask “Why?” Ask “What if…?” Wonder about the other person’s pain.

3. Do one thing every day this week that makes you uncomfortable. As an introvert, socializing with other people always makes me uncomfortable, particularly if I have to do it too long. But today I offered to take a little boy (about 2-years-old) for a walk during lunch because his parents were obviously stressed, and he was obviously bored. I usually shy away from inserting myself into situations like that, but he enjoyed walking to the end of the pier, and looking at the water and the boats, and the jellyfish, and the other fish. Who knows what kind of mischief I’ll get into the rest of the week.


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