“I’m tired of being around unhappy people”

Somebody posted that on Facebook today. I understand, believe me. Unhappy people make me sad, and unhappy, too.

But, unfortunately, I don’t have blinders on.

I see the poor blamed for their poverty.

I see immigrants blamed for wanting to escape corruption in their own countries.

I see hungry people being demeaned when they try to access food – FOOD.

I see our government spending obscene amounts of money on weapons of war against our neighbors.

I will see people dying because they can’t afford their medications or a visit to the doctor.

I see people living on the streets.

I see privately owned prisons and “detention facilities” getting rich by warehousing people.

I see people in cities being made homeless by the effects of global warming.

I see young people who would desperately love more education being denied it because they don’t have funds.

I’m sorry, I can’t just whine about wishing everyone around me was happy. I have to speak out when I see injustice. I have to march, and make phone calls, and send emails and text messages, and nag, and point it out when I hear lies from elected officials or worse still from “nominal” Christians. I CAN NOT bury my head in the sand, and complain when other people are unhappy. I have to find out why they are unhappy, and I have to help them solve whatever problems they may have. 

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