I’ve been struggling to figure out some intentions for the coming year. I gave up on resolutions a while ago. I’m taking persistence as my Word for the Year.

I read this today that suggested we should take a year to go deeper, rather than wider, and it is really resonating with me. I don’t know whether I’ll do this for a whole year, but here at the beginning, I think I’m going to try something like that.

Looking at where I am in my life, I really don’t want to take on anything new, but I do need to deepen my knowledge and commitment to the things I am doing.

  1. Politically – I’m going to persist in the resistance.
    1. People Power
    2. Wall of Us
  2. Religiously – I’m going to really work at being Moderator of Olympia Presbytery.
    1. Interfaith community
    2. New Worshiping Communities
  3. Creatively – I’m going to try to get down to working on my family history/memoir.
    1. Fill in gaps on Ancestry.com.
    2. Keep up with my knitting.
  4. Personally – I’m going to keep up walking, and try to add some resistance training.
    1. 10,000 steps a day
    2. 2-3 sessions of weight training a week.
  5. Socially – I’m going to tend my current relationships.
    1. Gazebo Group
    2. Maintain congregational ties.

I would really appreciate it if you, gentle readers, would remind me of these intentions when you see me fluttering off after the latest cause du jour.

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