I’m aging…

I’ve been fighting it, but I’m realizing that I’m getting old. I’m still keeping up with the small exercise I do. I write (here and other places) occasionally. I have my fingers in some political stuff, and I’m beginning to include national, as well as regional and local activities in church. (More on that to come, maybe, as they say “if the way be clear.”)

BUT, this past week I realized that I can no longer keep all the threads in my mind all at the same time.

As of Sunday, May 13th, I had the following things to do in the next two weeks (in no particular order):

  • Function as Lay Reader for Sunday morning services every Sunday in May.
  • Write three haikus for the poetry class.
  • Prepare to facilitate a session of Great Decisions about Social Media.
  • Manage last-minute preparations for the quarterly Presbytery meeting (I’m Moderator).
  • Moderate the May meeting for Olympia Presbytery.
  • Keep up with exercise.
  • Go to two personal trainer session per week.
  • Send texts about important political meetings and initiatives for People Power (the grassroots arm of the ACLU).
  • Beta test a new texting platform for People Power.
  • Send reminders for and attend the neighborhood Happy Hour held every Monday evening.
  • Plant new flowers in my garden.
  • Attend the Spring Tea at Franke Tobey Jones.
  • Send Thank You notes to people who had important roles at Presbytery.
  • Saturday night, the electricity went off for 4 hours and put my electronics in a state of hysteria.

Unbeknownst to me, my house was broken into on Monday the 14th while we were at Happy Hour. We didn’t discover it until early morning on Tuesday. That took a full day of dealing with the Police. Followed by a day of cancelling the credit cards which, while not stolen, could have been copied. Followed by a full day of contacting everyone who had automatic payments on the credit card to update that information once the new cards arrived (many thanks to USAA who had the new cards in my hands on Friday by next day FedEx).

Somewhere between cancelling the credit cards and updating all the information, while worrying about the Presbytery meeting and what on earth I was going to say in Great Decisions, I decided I need to just stop thinking about “everything” and concentrate on “the next thing.”

So if I’ve seemed distracted, or frazzled, or not present with anyone, I hope you can forgive me. I can only work on and worry about the NEXT THING. You may have to get in line.

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