Autobiography of Eve

In Bible study a couple of weeks ago, Sarah gave us this poem.


Autobiography of Eve

 by Ansel Elkins

 Wearing nothing but snakeskin boots,

I blazed a footpath,

the first radical road out of that old kingdom

toward a new unknown.

When I came to those great flaming gates of burning gold,

I stood alone in terror at the threshold

between Paradise and Earth.

There I heard a mysterious echo:

My own voice singing to me from across the forbidden side.

I shook awake –

At once alive in a blaze of green fire.


Let it be known:

I did not fall from grace.


I leapt to freedom.

I was taking a poetry class, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I wrote a continuation.

Autobiography of Eve (cont.)

 By Abbie Watters

Down green leafy hills, across hot sandy stretches I ran,

alive in my new-found freedom,

alone and not alone,

hand-in-hand with Adam.


We explored and learned

and fought and cried

and loved and laughed and sighed.


My children were precious gifts.

Bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh.

They fought for more things and more power,

with lust and pride.

With each of my babies’ battles,

my heart shattered like a mirror

each piece reflecting a horror in my own soul.


Down the unnumbered years of time I fled,

in my tattered, snakeskin boots,

watching as children were born

and fought and loved and died.


Across the uncharted spaces,

hand-in-hand with Adam,

I reached a garden with an empty tomb.


I saw again the flaming gates of gold –

The threshold between Paradise and Earth.


I leapt back into the grace of God.



1 thought on “Autobiography of Eve

  1. Beautiful poem, Abbie, and what an amazing blog!

    I remembered you mentioned blogging. Wow, you are dedicated, thoughtful, and so compassionate.

    I’m honored you shared this poem with us in class, and so impressed with your overall creative writing talent. And Al’s too! I noticed your’s and Al’s contact info was not on the list. I will be sending out an email to the group this week with some ideas. I am also gathering some self-publishing resources to share. And you asked about editing. There was so much happening at the end of class, I missed my opportunity to wish you both a good summer, to get your contact info, and to thank you for all of your hard work and positive contributions to our circle of poets and writers! When you have a moment, please email me at

    Warm best to you and Al,


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