#NYTWellChallenge – 3/4

Today we were exhorted to WRITE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.

The New York Times Wellness Challenge for today we’re back to the 7 minute workout. I didn’t follow this at all today, because I had an appointment with my Personal Trainer. The suggestion was to make write a letter to my self about my intentions. Sorry, NYT, I already did that at the first of the year. You can read all about it here.

Cardio – Obstacle Course (including cones, dots, and steps) – 3 min.

Lower Body – “Sit to stands” – 10 times – twice.

Upper Body – Flexible Bar (20) – 15 down, 15 up, 15 in

Cardio – Up the ramp to third floor, Down the stairs

Upper Body – Close-Grip Row – 60 lbs, 12 – 2 reps.

Plank – Seated plank – 10 sec. twice, 15 sec. twice


60 min on the recumbent cross-trainer while I watched Upstairs/Downstairs on Prime.


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