Five things that made me happy today – 6/12/19

1. Good trip to the commissary today. It might have been a Wednesday (the day Social Security checks arrive) but it wasn’t too crowded and the shelves were fully stocked.

2. I got mustard greens and turnip greens, yellow squash, tomatoes, avocados, and corn on the cob. Moving into summertime meal planning. I’m planning to make a pot of 9-bean soup to have for suppers. I also got some Laughing Cow cheese wedges, and some Baby Bonbel cheeses. Maybe I’ve solved the ubiquitous plastic on the cheeses.

3. Lunch at Bruno’s. I had borscht with brochen and butter, kielbasa, cucumber salad, and potato salad. I’m really glad it’s not very close to us, because I would be there every day if it were.

4. Spent time this afternoon after we got home from the commissary repotting some of the flowers we got yesterday. I’m waiting for the landscape company to plant the fuchsias and hot lips.

5. I’m feeling a little strange saying it was HOT today – it was 87 deg here at my house. A little farther south at the commissary, it was 90 deg. I’m eternally grateful that we have central air conditioning, because I can’t sleep very well unless it’s pretty cool. Everybody in Texas can just quit laughing.

How about you? What made you happy today?


2 thoughts on “Five things that made me happy today – 6/12/19

  1. 90! Yikes! It’s 75 and rainy in northern Virginia today and I’m headed to Seattle/Portland on Tuesday. But it looks like it will be typically hot here by then, so I guess I’d better find a way to enjoy this! Leaking roof doesn’t exactly promote enjoyment.


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