Five things that made me happy today – 6/26/19

1. Good night’s sleep last night. I usually sleep well, but last night it seemed even better.

2. Today for lunch we were invited to eat in the dining room in honor of our anniversary. They did a Chinese menu, but I wasn’t impressed with it. I had sweet & sour pork, braised bok choy, and fried rice. It was okay, I suppose, and at least I didn’t have to cook it. The cake and ice cream for dessert was good.

3. We’re actually getting a little rain. It’s been threatening all day, and now there are actual drops falling from the sky. At least it held off until we got home. I’ve gotten out of the habit of carrying an umbrella.

4. I looked up biodegradable eating utensils on Amazon, and they have a bunch of them for VERY reasonable prices. I’m going to order some for the 4th of July Potluck that Big Al and I host every year. I always worry about using the plastic knives, forks, and spoons, and the plastic plates and glasses. If these are okay, I’m going on a crusade to get the dining room to use them in box lunches, and for the annual picnic. I may not make any headway, but at least I’m going to try.

5. The first Democratic Debate is this evening, and I’m interested to see how Jay Inslee stacks up against the others in his group. I’m absolutely convinced that climate change is the one thing we HAVE to get right. I think his plans are good, but we shall see if he can make an impression on the rest of the country.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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