Five things that made me happy today – 6/27/19

1. Cool, partly cloudy day, with a (believe it or not) thunder shower this afternoon. Hand to God! we had thunder.

2. Lunch in the Bistro. I won a victory because they were threatening not to open the Wellness Center on the 4th of July. We have little to nothing to do with ourselves on national holidays (all the staff take a well-earned holiday) but it’s hard on some of the folks here who don’t have families in the area.

3. Good session with my personal trainer. She is working on a coaching certification and is helping me decide what project I’m passionate about. I’m trying to get my church to seek certification as an Earth Care Congregation from the Presbyterian Church (USA). I spent most of the late afternoon looking through the qualifications and starting to write up a proposal.

4. We had the last session of our writing class this afternoon. Here is one of the poems I wrote to go with the following photo.


As my existential angst begins to eat at my soul,

Mount St Helen’s gives me hope for the earth, if not for us.

We sit on the edge of destruction knowing

The cataclysm is coming,

And we’re seemingly powerless to stop it,

Or to save ourselves.

I become more discouraged every day

When I read of new attacks on the environment

Because some in the government

Refuse to admit to the scientific realities.

I must have faith that in life and death

We belong to God.

5. The second Democratic Debate is this evening. I was very frustrated because only 6.5 minutes were devoted to Climate Change last night. One candidate even said, “the people in my district don’t care about climate change – they want to know about jobs, and salaries, and healthcare – something that matters to their day to day lives.” He’s from the mid-west – and half of his people are sitting in muddy fields with no possibility of a crop this year. We’ve got to quit focusing on our immediate pocketbooks, and start to look at the bigger picture.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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