Five things that made me happy today – 7/4/19

1. Since I’m hosting the 4th of July Potluck here at Franke Tobey Jones this evening, I decided to order lunch from the Dining Room. I’m having BBQ ribs, and corn on the cob, and Big Al is having salmon and home fried potatoes. I’m so pleased I can do this easily.

2. I read a really good piece from Kathy Escobar called “An Unhappy 4th”. She says pretty much what I’ve been feeling. Please click through and read this, particularly the end. “Our freedom is all tangled up together, in the words of civil rights leader and voting and women’s rights activists, Fannie Lou Hamer: ‘Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.'”

3. Tacoma Freedom Fair is held on July 4th every year. It’s a big festival (you wouldn’t catch my old bones down there, but youngsters love it). There are bands, and food booths and all kinds of carnival activities. One of their features is an Air Show. This year it lasted almost an hour, and included an F-16 doing acrobatics, and a P-51. After the acrobatics, the F-16 formed up with the P-51 and they flew along the waterfront in formation. It was pretty cool. The F-16 was too fast for me to get a picture of but here’s one of the P-51 that I took from my front yard.

4. Nice potluck picnic with folks from the Duplexes. Everybody brought too much, of course, and we had lots left over. Big Al made macaroni salad because he wanted some and it’s better to make it for a potluck when somebody else will eat some of it. And I made potato salad because I wanted some. We’ll be eating those for a week. (Not that I’m complaining.)

5. Good weather and nice friends make holidays fun.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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