Five things that made me happy today – 7/10/19

1. I have an annual physical scheduled sometime in the next couple of weeks and, because I didn’t have anything on my calendar for today, I ran to the Lab for my blood test and urinalysis this morning before I ate anything. (Sometimes and for some tests they want you to be fasting.) Anyway, I don’t know when they open, but I got there about 9:10 and there was NOBODY waiting in line. There’s almost always several people waiting for the lab techs to finish someone else. Note to self: if you need to have lab work done, go about 9 am in the summer from now on.

2. Because there was a Starbucks in the parking lot where the lab is, and because I was a good girl and didn’t cry when they stuck me, and because I hadn’t eaten yet, I swung through the drive-thru and got a Venti Skinny Mocha, and a blueberry scone for breakfast. Tonight I’ll have my grapefruit, sausage and egg for dinner. It’s fun sometimes to switch up and breakfast for dinner and snack for breakfast.

3. I got back to really working out with my personal trainer (my doctor released me from limited activity 6 weeks after the surgery which was Friday). I know it’s raining, and it’s humid. And I know I perspire easily. And I know Sarah was really working me pretty hard. I thought you’d like to see the “sweat art” from the back rest of the chest press machine.

It’s a lovely little palm tree. 🙂

4. Gentle rain all day today (and, of course, as I typed that it brightened up and the sun came out for a minute, but it’s supposed to continue with on and off rain showers through about 11 pm.) I know, from my mouth to God’s ears.

5. If you haven’t already seen this or even if you have, you owe it to yourself to click through to this great piece of nostalgia on Medium. It hit all the feels for me. Have the Kleenex ready. (It was first published in 2014, but you can still enjoy it today.)

How about you? What made you happy today?