Five things that made me happy today – 7/12/19

1. Much less stiffness and achiness today. I guess I needed a day off.

2. I drove down to Lacey to a lunch meeting of the Taskforce for New Worshipping Communities. It was an interesting meeting. We got an update from Hagar’s Community Church that’s located in the Washington Correction Center for Women. We also got an update from The Common Room, a college and young adult worshipping community in Centralia, WA. It is a joint venture between Harrison Square Presbyterian Church, and Young Life.

3. It’s Friday, so I hurried to get back from Lacey in time for ice cream on the front porch of Lillian Pratt. They had sugar cones again (the last couple of weeks they’ve only had those less-than-satisfactory regular cones). They also had Mint Chocolate Chip!!! 🙂

4. After ice cream, I just had time to get the mail out of the mail box and scurry over to the Duplex Social. It was out on the Health Care terrace. It’s nice to meet with folks and sit in the shade in a cool breeze.

5. Heard from the Alabama Watters that their offer on the house in Kennewick had been accepted, so that’s a load off my prayer list. 3-bedrooms, 3-baths, 3-car garage. The photos look great. They’ll be leaving and heading this way on Sunday or Monday.

How about you? What made you happy today?