Five things that made me happy today – 8/13/19

1. So much was going on yesterday, that I neglected to mention the gift from the universe that I got for my birthday. As we were standing on the bridge looking out over the sound, a bald eagle flew by – just about even in height and about 20 feet away.

I know there are three nesting pairs in the park, but I had never seen one so close in flight. The wingspan must be 7 or 8 feet, and you can hear the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of its wings as it flies. That’s not my picture – I was so awed that it never occurred to me to get out my camera – but the one I saw looked just like that.

2. Bible study this morning was Hosea. It had a lot to say for us as we live today. There’s a lot of Godly, righteous anger, but the passage we read ended with God’s decision that we, the people, are beloved. If God can see all our shortcomings and still love us, can we do less for the rest of humanity and the world.

3. The weather is warm and bright today after a couple of days with cloudy mornings. Today we had blue, blue skies all day. Took a nice walk around the campus. The sun was hotter than I expected and I worked up a pretty good sweat!

4. I spent some time this afternoon watching Netflix and knitting. Perfect summer afternoon activity.

5. Big Al had another appointment with a surgeon about his stye today. This was just a consultation, and we’ll see when we can schedule the actual procedure. They don’t seem to be too worried about it – not being treated as an emergency – so I’ll just believe that we’ll get to it when we can.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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