Five things that made me happy today – 8/20/19

1. Slept well in my own little bed. As much as I enjoy being away, I still enjoy coming home.

2. In Bible study we talked about music (songs and dances) in the Bible. We looked at Miriam’s song in Exodus, thought to be the earliest written song. We ended up with songs the disciples and Jesus sang at the end of the Passover meal the night before the crucifixion.

3. Lunch at the Bistro with Big Al and Kate. I got a short time with Sarah working on balance, strength, and core.

4. Kate and I walked down the hill and across the new bridge. Kate slid down one of the slides, and decided not to do any more because she would have had to walk back up. Then we walked on to the Dunes and wandered around there for a while (I felt pretty good when she got tired of walking before I did). Big Al came down and picked us up so we wouldn’t have to walk back up the hills, and we treated ourselves to mocha and a scone for me, and iced coffee and a sweet roll for Kate.

There were scattered clouds, and Mt Rainier, herself, was a little misty. Nice weather for walking – not too hot, and a good breeze.

5. While we sat and rested in the Dunes park we watched two eagles swirling and sweeping around above the peninsula. Really spectacular flying.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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