Five things that made me happy today – 8/27/19

1. Bright, sunny day today. Blue, blue skies, and temperatures in the low 80’s.I think the weather still thinks it’s summer.

2. Bible study this morning we talked about Sabbath – how we practiced it (or not), how we grew up with it (or not), and what we thought about it.

3. At the beginning of Bible study, I was cleaning smudges off my glasses, when, suddenly, the lens fell out in my hand. (This is not what made me happy.) I left early and managed to drive home not wearing any glasses because both eyes without is better than one eye corrected and the other blurry. (This is what made me happy.) Big Al drove me to the optical shop and the nice lady there found a new screw and put it in for me. I have a little, tiny screwdriver to repair the glasses with, but, unfortunately, without the glasses on my face, I can’t see the screw or its hole well enough to fix them.

4. Good discussion of cyber security today in Great DecisionsWe didn’t have a discussion leader, but we did very well just using the questions in the book. Big Al had found several articles on the subject that were more recent than the fall of 2018 (when our study book was published.

5. I’m beginning to believe that we’ve GOT to quit thinking “America first” and “How does this affect ME?” and start thinking about economics and political power globally.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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