Five things that made me happy today – 8/29/19

1. Cloudy and high 50s in the morning; sunny, bright, and warm (mid 70s) in the mid-day; currently cloudy with thunder in the distance and low 70s/high 60s in the late afternoon. This southern girl misses her late afternoon thunder storms so hope springs eternal.

2. Up very early this morning for an 8:45 appointment at the ophthalmologist. All is well. Not much change in my prescription, but he did say the lenses were scratched, so I’m getting new glasses. I opted for plastic frames instead of wire frames this time. I’m tired of cleaning my glasses and having the lens fall out in my hand.

3. Big Al had to get up to take me because I’m a little shaky driving with dilated eyes. I placated him with brunch at Knapps after the appointment. Eggs, blueberry pancakes, etc. Very tasty. Knapps is a North Tacoma fixture. It’s been there for forever.

4. Because my eyes were still sensitive to bright light, my trainer and I worked out indoors. Lots of walking, agility, balance, and strength. Whew. I always feel good about myself when we finish.

5. College football gets going in earnest on Saturday. #GoDucks Oregon plays Auburn at Jerry World in Dallas. Jerry World is always a jinx for the Ducks, but maybe they’ll break it this year. Fingers crossed.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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