Five things that made me happy today – 9/11/19

1. Today I went to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. The weather was wonderful. I started out in a long-sleeved blouse over a turtleneck, but when we arrived, the sun was out and it was toasty warm, so I took the turtleneck off before I started wandering around the fairgrounds.

2. My first stop was to buy a Fisher’s Scone, and a mocha, and I ate them while I waited for the “People Mover” – tractor-drawn open-air trailers with seats for 12 (or 16 if one on each row is a kid, and you squeeze together.). The People Mover took me through some of the midway, and past LOTS of food offerings and several exhibit halls.

3. I got off after about a 15 minute ride near the livestock exhibits. First thing to look at was the piglets and their mamas.

This mama had eight babies on September 3rd. They are pretty good sized (although nothing next to mama). Everyone, mama and piggies, snoozed nicely, although sometimes, if one piglet was lying on another one’s face, they were pushed out of the way, very unceremoniously.

These sweet babies were just born on Monday. There are eight of them, too, but the other four were under the heat lamp in the corner of the pen. They (barely) had their eyes open, although one of them did get up and stagger over to the pile in the corner.

4. From the piglets, I went to the barns, and I saw chickens, rabbits, and a pair of albino turkeys. Then into the barn with the draft horses who were having their tails knotted and their manes braided in preparation for being hitched and going for a walk around the area.

5. From there I went to the BBQ place and had barbecued chicken and corn on the cob for lunch, serenaded by a Dixieland jazz band. Then I walked around some more, stopping occasionally to people-watch. I saw the chain-saw wood carver, and several clowns, stilt walkers with dragon puppets, and a “corny” unicycle rider.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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