Five things that made me happy today – 9/14/19

1. It was pretty cool (mid-50s) when I got up this morning, so I checked the weather forecast and saw that it wouldn’t get above 65 today. I dug out my Oregon sweatshirt for the first time this season.

2. I was glad of the sweatshirt when I went to the Farmer’s Market. The summer vegetables and flowers are still available, and I want to take full advantage of them while they’re here. I got green beans, tomatoes, corn on the cob, scones and lemon bars and flowers.

They seemed to have made all the bouquets to go with the football colors for the Washington teams. Unfortunately they didn’t have Green and Gold for the Ducks, so I opted for Washington State’s colors. It’s supposed to be crimson and grey, but apparently grey is not prominent in flower colors, so they threw in a little gold and some blue snapdragons. (Don’t ask me.)

3. Finished up my morning shopping with a trip to Trader Joes for sausages and Safeway for eggs and milk.

4. I’ve finally figured out why I’m so impressed with the meat we get in the “boxes” (I’m using Home Chef right now). It comes fresh, vacuum-sealed, not frozen. I’ve used frozen meat that I bought fresh, and froze at home for more years that I care to remember. It’s probably because we lived so far from the base (everywhere we were) that I couldn’t just run to the store every three or four days like Mama did when I was growing up. I bought for six weeks at a time. Anyway, I’m trying to give myself permission to buy meat for the next five or six days instead of the next five or six weeks, and I’ll bet the chicken and steaks are tastier and a better consistency. Now, if I could just find a grocery store that would package 2 thighs and 1 breast, I’d be able to use it up as soon as I bought it. As it is, I guess I’ll poach the other breast and the other 3 thighs and use the meat in Chicken Tetrazzini.

5. Lots of upsets in the football games so far this afternoon. Hooray for Arizona State beating Michigan State. Washington State beat Houston last night, BYU beat USC, Stanford lost to University of Central Florida. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that the Oregon team who showed up last week comes back today and beats Montana (they’re favored by 37 points).

How about you? What made you happy today?