Five things that made me happy today – 9/23/19

1. We got up early (about 6:00 am) to rain. Of course, Betty’s internal clock said it was 8:00. After showers, and coffee and tea we headed to Port Townsend about 7:30. We got to the dock just before 8:00, only to be told we wouldn’t load the boat until 8:45. We pottered around, walked over to the bathroom, and I suddenly remembered I didn’t have my passport, so we could go to Victoria, BC, tomorrow.

2. In a panic, I called my long suffering husband, and he promised he would drive up to Port Townsend this afternoon and bring it to me. Stars in his crown for driving two hours up and the two hours back to Tacoma to bring it to me.

3. We had a lovely time on the boat riding around the San Juan Islands looking for whales. Apparently there were lots of Whale Watching tours who were wandering around the islands searching for the Orcas. Then we heard on the radios that the J-pod was near Seattle, and the K-pod was at the northern end of Vancouver Island.

4. We went in to Friday Harbor, had a lovely lunch at the Cask and Schooner of clam chowder, and then Betty and I split a Cubano Sandwich. It was pouring down rain, so after a couple of minutes looking around town, we ducked into Downriggers to have dessert.

5. Back on the boat, we checked out Orcas Island, and Lopez Island, and Obstuction Island, and Blakey Island and past Anacotes on Fidalgo Island, and still no Orcas. We had heard there was a Humpback Whale feeding back where we had been in the morning, about half-way across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, so we headed back there, and sure enough there was not just one, but two, Humpbacks working a bait ball. They were spouting, and breaching, and diving and flipping their flukes. It was getting late, but we hung around there watching for almost an hour.

6. (Bonus) As we were heading back to Port Townsend, I got a call from Big Al saying he was leaving my passport with the girl who ran the gift shop, and she promised to stay until we got back so she could give it to me. Many kind people in my path today.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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