Five things that made me happy today – 10/15/19

1. Cloudy all day today, with the high temperature in the morning. It’s down to the mid-50s now, but it won’t get much cooler overnight. The rain is supposed to start about midnight, and it will rain for the foreseeable future. Maybe it will begin to clear a week from tomorrow (but don’t count on it.). I love the rain, so this is no hardship for me.

2. Bible Study this morning looked at Mark 6:21-43. These two stories appear together in Matthew and Luke as well. We mostly focused on the bleeding woman, and we talked about how, even today, doctors tend to dismiss women’s complaints. Misogyny or something else?

3. The housekeepers came today. I love clean sheets on the bed.

4. I ordered a couple of long-sleeved cotton blouses and mock turtlenecks to go with them. One of the blouses came today, and the others should be here tomorrow.

The other one is lavender – really pretty, and great for the weather here – fall and spring. (Unfortunately, I’m not a 119 lb, blonde model, but it still looks pretty good on me.)

5. I’m interested to hear what will be said in the Democratic Debate tonight. I was committed to Governor Inslee, but now that he’s dropped out, I don’t know who I want. I do know that I think both Biden and Sanders are too old.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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