Five things that made me happy today – 10/22/19

1. When I got up this morning it was 55 deg, and I don’t think it’s changed at all. “They” said we were going to have scattered sun breaks, but I haven’t seen any so far today. About the only thing different is that the slightly warmer temperatures caused fog to hang in the tree tops.

2. This morning we heard a presentation from one of the people who is running for Port Commissioner. Tacoma’s port is a real economic driver for the area, and one of the deepest ports on the West Coast. Kristin Ang, the candidate, gave us a history of the Port and explained her progressive agenda. We badly need somebody like her on the commission.

3. The Bistro changed the recipe for their egg salad sandwich, so I made my own for lunch today. It was very tasty, and not much trouble. I’m also doing my best to up my fiber count to 25 grams a day, so using Killer Dave’s Power Seed bread (5 grams a slice) really helps.

4. This afternoon we went to the final session of Great Decisions for this year. We talked about the State Department and how it’s difficult to have a coherent foreign policy when you don’t have career people with personal relationships in the field. Apparently, applications for careers in diplomacy (at the entry level) are down 30%. This could be really difficult in the future.

5. My Creative Writing teacher asked me to give her a couple of my examples of writing that she could submit to a potential employer as an example of something her students have done. I felt honored to have her ask.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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