Five things that made me happy today – 10/27/19

1. Pretty cold today – 38 deg. when I got up, and about 52 at noon. It was beautifully sunny all day, though. And the mountain was out.

2. Oregon Ducks won the football game last night – 11:15 pm after the game started at 7:30. There were lots of reviews, and time outs, etc. They won on a field goal with 1 sec. left in the game. Final Score – Washington State Cougars – 35, Oregon Ducks – 37.

And as you can see we moved up from #11 to #7 in the AP Poll. One of the other polls has us at #8, and the third poll has us at #6. #GoDucks

I was so hyped up at the end of the game it took about half an hour for my pulse to calm down enough to sleep.

3. Good sermon on Mark 12:38-44. Take note of what Jesus has to say about the temple big wigs and the folks who rule by law. Instructive for us watching Washington, DC, and preachers who are way too full of themselves.

4. Lunch today was Mexican Chopped Salad at Moctezuma’s. Big Al had chicken fajitas.

5. Spent most of the afternoon in front of the fire, knitting and watching “The Gilmore Girls” on Netflix.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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