Five things that made me happy today – 10/28/19

1. Today was a carbon copy of yesterday – 38 deg. when I got up, and about 52 at noon. It was beautifully sunny all day, though. And the mountain was out.

2. Laundry day, and I’m pleased to report that everything is washed, dried, folded and hung-up..

3. I have my personal trainer tomorrow instead of today because she had something else come up when we were supposed to meet. I DID go over to the Wellness Center and tackled my cardio.

(Old picture. I’m about 70 lbs lighter now.)

4. I’m going to try a new 20-day Wellness Challenge that somebody posted on Facebook. A lot of the things are activities I already do, so I’m setting myself up for success.  The one for Day 1 is “Go to bed 1 hour earlier than usual.” 😉 I’ll try that for the rest of this week because I’m going to have to do it after Sunday since we “Fall Back” then.

5. In a few minutes I’m heading out to Happy Hour with my tribe. That always makes me happy.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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