Five things that made me happy today – 11/7/19

1. According to the computer, it was 41 deg. when I got up this morning. Looks like a carbon copy of yesterday, with sun after noon, but still cool (53 deg.). Great weather for turtleneck and sweater or sweatshirt.

2. Good news from the doctor – the rash that I was afraid was psoriasis isn’t. It’s probably a fungus that easily treated with an oral fungicide. The ankle/foot/leg/knee that’s been bothering me since the episode with my Achilles tendon last week is probably just referred pain from that, or because my gait was off as I favored that injury. I’m taking Advil for it, but if the pain doesn’t go away in a week, he has some other potential anti-inflammatories to try.

3. I’m so glad that the Wellness Center has equipment to use that is cardio-friendly, and that I can use without bothering my foot/ankle.

4. 20-day Wellness Challenge – Today, the Challenge suggests that “I enjoy the sun. Eat lunch outside.” I’m afraid that I would have to move my physical location to be able to do that, unless I wanted to wear hat, gloves, and scarf while I did it. Lunch outside is a non-starter in the Pacific Northwest until, probably, March or maybe April. And looking at the news, it looks like most of the folks east of the Rockies are in the same shape today. (Their snow and ice are another thing that makes me happy about our weather. – we don’t have them often.)

5. Spent the bulk of the afternoon sitting with my foot up, knitting, and watching old episodes of the Gilmore Girls. It was nice to have a restful afternoon, even though it was forced on me.

How about you? What made you happy toda

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