Five things that made me happy today – 11/9/19

1. According to the computer it was 48 deg. with a gentle rain falling. With the rain, there are only about 4 or 5 leaves still clinging to the tree outside my window. The rain turned into a light mist about noon, and it warmed up to 52 by mid-afternoon.


2. Yesterday evening, the continuing saga of the dishwasher came to an end (I hope). The evening maintenance man brought it about 5:00 pm, and installed it. There were some really funky things that whoever installed the old one had done, and he had quite a bit of difficulty turning the water off. However, he persevered, and by 7:00 all the spilled water, tools, and packaging was cleaned up, and I have a NEW dishwasher.

3. I haven’t been emotionally invested in any of the college football games this afternoon. Oregon (7) has a bye week. I liked seeing that Penn State (4) lost (that leaves room for the Ducks to move up at least one slot.) Alabama (3) is losing to LSU (2) (so no matter who wins or loses it will free up another spot). Clemson (5) and Georgia (6) play later so there’s still hope for another couple of slots to be available for us to move into.

4. 20-day Wellness Challenge – Today, the Challenge suggests that “I send an encouraging text to 5 people.” – done and dusted.

5. I spent time this afternoon at the Wellness Center on the Nu-Step. Once again, I’m happy that I have some place to work out when the weather is less than stellar.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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