Five things that made me happy today – 11/23/19

The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them that we call them everyday things. – Hans Christian Anderson

1. It was clear and cold at 36 deg. when I got up this morning. The sun came out for a few minutes in the middle of the afternoon, and the temperature crawled up to 50 deg., the first time it’s been out of the 30s or 40s all week.

2. As a Myers-Briggs ISTJ, I have a hard time in gatherings. It’s not that I’m shy, it’s just that I really dislike small talk. After being told all my childhood “children should be seen and not heard” I really struggle to keep up my end of the conversation. Today, I read a great article on Medium (if you don’t know Medium you should check it out). The writer suggested that you can get a conversation started pretty easily by beginning with a simple 2-word phrase. “I’m curious.”

3. I fixed tuna fish salad for lunch today, and Big Al and I enjoyed sandwiches. This is another lunch that takes me back to my childhood.

4. I went to Starbucks today, hoping for a Venti Skinny Mocha

and a blueberry scone.

My app on my phone keeps telling me that Skinny Mochas aren’t available in that store, so I went inside and talked to the manager. He told me that “Of course, we have skinny mochas,” and he tried to order it with my phone, and still no joy. Anyway, after we had struck out trying to reboot the app, and checking that I had the correct location chosen, etc., etc., etc., I still couldn’t use it to order. So he ordered it for me in the regular manner, and then comped the whole order for me. 

5. I’m kind of wasting time waiting for the Oregon (9-1) v Arizona State (5-5) game to start. I hope the Ducks do well. Once the game starts, I won’t be adding anything to this little post. Tune in tomorrow to find out what the outcome was.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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