Five things that made me happy today – 12/20/19

The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them that we call them everyday things. – Hans Christian Anderson

1. It was 52 deg. and pouring rain when I woke up this morning. We are under a river of moisture that would be a “Pineapple Express” if it were a little warmer. It rained all day today and we have 100% chance of rain for the next 24 hours. At least the temperatures are staying in the high 40s so we don’t have to worry about icy conditions, even though it is December. A couple of roads by the Sound were flooded at high tide today, but that should subside as the moon continues to wane.

2. My Advent Word of the Day is GREETINGS.

Luke 1:28 The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

I get a little outdone with people who get bent out of shape over saying “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” instead of Merry Christmas. I don’t understand their angst. Check out this site, and look up “Greetings”. Apparently, that was the standard way to say “Hello”. I figure if angels can say, “Greetings”, so can I.

3. I went over to the Wellness Center this morning, because I knew I would be out all afternoon with Al at the doctor’s. Got most of my steps out of the way then.

4. Big Al and I went to the Thai restaurant for lunch on our way to the doctor’s. I had the lunch special with Tom Ka soup, Mongolian beef stir-fry, and Pad Thai noodles, and Al had Sweet and Sour Chicken with lots of veggies.

5. Al’s follow-up went well. He still has a little infection, but it’s not painful, and he still has a week and a half of antibiotics. The doctor said to let him know if there was any redness or drainage when he finished those, and he would renew them.

BONUS: I think I told you I had washed Al’s fob that starts the car when he was in the hospital (Oops). Between the restaurant and the doctor’s office we dropped by the Toyota place to get a replacement. They didn’t have one in stock, but they ordered a new one for us and Al will have it programmed tomorrow morning. Alas, it’s pretty expensive, so I guess the nice rebate from USAA will be going for that. (SIGH) At least we got the rebate so I won’t be really strapped at Christmas.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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