Five things that made me happy today – 1/6/20

What we are experiencing right now will never happen again. We must value each moment like a beautiful treasure. We must become moment hunters.

Hector Garcia


1. It was 45 deg. with blustery rain and a flood watch in effect this morning. It got up to 49 deg. by noon, and the rain continued. The flood watch for Seattle has been upgraded to a flood warning because the snow that fell earlier today in the mountains is now being rained on, with the accompanying melting.

2. I went to the Wellness Center today, and when I walked in, lo and behold, the Bistro was open! I will confess that I did a little jig, and shouted “Hallelujah!” a couple of times. It feels like my life may be back to normal.

3. Worked out with my personal trainer today for the last time for 3 weeks. She is going to Thailand to visit her family who are missionaries there. I’ll have a substitute trainer while she’s gone, but I’ll really miss her. I’m happy that she’ll get to see her parents and sister.

4. The laundry is all washed and the last load is drying (I had to do 4 loads instead of 3 today because Big Al got new pants for Christmas that we wanted to wash before getting them hemmed.)

5. Gazebo Group is tonight! Happy Hour with my tribe.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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