Five things that made me happy today – 2/5/20

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.

Jacques Prevert

1. It was 44 deg. and cloudy when I got up. The pineapple express is back for the foreseeable future. It’s 49 deg. now, and still cloudy. More rain expected overnight tonight.

2. We went to our Flash Fiction course this morning. It was a good session. We started the class by writing a six-word story. The most famous one is Hemingway’s “Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.” My six-word story was “Lonesome train whistle promises family reunion.” Then we wrote for 20 minutes to flesh out our six-word story.

3. Lunch in the dining room at Tobey Jones. I had Brazilian-style chicken and rice. Very tasty. Big Al had Rotini with meat sauce. He’s been jonesing for pasta for a week, so he was happy. We finished off lunch with a blueberry fritter and vanilla ice cream.

4. I got my travel finalized for the General Assembly Nominating Committee meeting in March. It’s going to be held in Houston, TX, so I’m going to meet Betty in Texarkana, and we’ll spend the week together. She’ll get to read and relax and I’ll get a ride to Houston. (You can’t get to Houston from here on the train without going all the way around Robin Hood’s barn.)

5. Later this afternoon, we had a presentation by a professor from UPS (University of Puget Sound), on “Marking Immigrants Distinctively”. I didn’t know what it would be exactly, but it was a review of the history of immigration into the United States. The role of political parties, racial cues, and the sidelining of policy experts and foreign policy concerns makes the current moment different than in the past. We must recognize these differences to understand what might come next.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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