Five things that made me happy today – 2/15/20

Until we allow ourselves to see discomfort as the agent of change it is, we live in fear.

Briana Wiest

1. I found a great article on Medium today – Curiosity Is the Secret to a Happy Life. Thinking about my parents and grandparents, I absolutely believe this is true. My grandmother loved to try new things, and she was basically happy most of the time. My grandfather was “change averse”, and was usually a stereotypical grumpy old man.

2. Microsoft pushed out an update today, and I’m so happy that I have a tame IT consultant at my beck and call. Many thanks to Bill for helping me with a couple of problems.

3. I got a couple of phishing emails today. Microsoft had caught them and put them in my Junk Mail folder. They told me they were watching what I was doing, and that they had stolen my password. The password they gave me was an old one that I haven’t used in many years. They wanted me to send them $500 to help me fix it. I just deleted the email. I went through all my sites and changed any passwords that had been around a while. It took me most of an hour, and I’m pretty sure it was a scam, but better safe than sorry.

4. The weather has turned rainy and cold again, but look what I have just outside my front door. They bring me hope.

5. All my steps done, and a skinny mocha purchased and consumed. Life is good.

How about you? What made you happy to

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