Five things that made me happy today – 2/16/20

Until we allow ourselves to see discomfort as the agent of change it is, we live in fear.

Briana Wiest

1. A whole family of racoons played follow-the-leader along the fence behind the house before they disappeared under it to the adjoining yard. It looked like a mama and four babies, but they were all about the same size, so how do you tell the sex or age of a full-grown racoon. I’m glad they went under the fence. I really don’t want them digging up flowers and plants in my yard, and I especially don’t want them taking up residence under my house. Better they stay next door.

2. The sermon this morning really convicted me. Remember we heard the story of Jonah. I am so like Jonah. I get really angry with God when folks who have harmed me or bothered me apologize. I forgive them because Jesus told me I had to, but I’d lots rather call down destruction on their heads. Then I remember we don’t forgive for their sake, but for our own. Because that resentment might feel good, but it will end up eating a hole in my stomach.

3.This post by my friend Gretchen Staebler on her blog. I’m trying to remember to remember.

4. Big Al and I had lunch a Pomodoro’s in the Proctor District. Good Italian food. Al had chicken Florentine and I had cheese ravioli topped with a lemon cream sauce with bay shrimp, scallops and prawns.

5. I know this post if full of pointers to someone else’s thoughts, but this post by Heather Cox Richardson fit right in with the post from Gretchen. (If you don’t get to this today, be sure to read the one from February 15th.) And if you haven’t subscribed to her daily letter yet, do it now.

How about you? What made you happy to

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