Five things that made me happy today – 3/27/20

Willing to experience aloneness, I discover connection everywhere; turning to face my fear, I meet the warrior who lives within.

Jennifer Wellwood


#Photo-a-day #Lenten Discipline

2. I scurried down to Joint Base Lewis McChord to do a “big shop”. I realized that the number of people who were positive or soon to be positive for the virus was only going to increase for a while, so I decided to get there while the “gettin’ was good.” I think I’ve got everything we’ll need for the next 6 weeks, particularly if we’re careful. I may need to do a quick Safeway trip for fruits and vegetables after a couple of weeks.

3. When I got home, I decided to leave 90% of the stuff in the car or the garage. It’s still cold enough out there to leave the fruits and vegetables there (50-55 deg.). I sanitized the outside of the frozen goods, and handed them in to Big Al who put them in the freezer. I’ll bring everything in Monday or Tuesday, past the “lives on metal and plastic” time.

4. By the time I finished with all that, I was starving, so Big Al called in a take-out order to Odd Felllas. He got something called cottage pie, and I got a grilled chicken sandwich with avocados, lettuce, and tomato, and onion rings.

5. I’m counting on spring actually being here because I heard the white crowned sparrow with his “see, see, pretty, pretty, me.” Also I heard honking, and looked up and there were two Canada geese on top of the assisted living building.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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