Five things that made me happy today – 4/11/20

Through me course wide rivers and in me rise tall mountains. And beyond the thickets of my agitation and confusion there stretch the wide plains of my peace and surrender.

Etty Hillesum


#Photo-a-day #Lenten Discipline

2. Slow day today. I had several opportunities to work on my puzzle and it’s coming along fine. I still think I’m missing several edge pieces, but I may just have them in the wrong place.

3. For lunch I sauted the rest of the cabbage with apple and onion. Then I browned some bratwurst and put them on top of the cabbage and steamed them for 20 minutes. We also had little tiny potatoes to go with.

4. I made another order for Safeway to get stuff I forgot last week, and stuff they didn’t have. I hope they’ve gotten more stock in. I’ve been craving biscuits and/or pancakes, so I ordered some sugar-free syrup and a box of Bisquick. My sister has been trolling me with pictures of a blueberry coffee cake made with Bisquick, so I also got some blueberries. I can put them in the pancakes, too.

5. I’m going to be having purple hull peas for supper (canned, but decent). After lunch I got busy and made a batch of Jiffy corn muffins to eat with the peas. Maybe I’ll make chili later this week and have a muffin with that, too.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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