Five things that made me happy today – 4/21/20

Stars and blossoming fruit-trees: utter permanence and extreme fragility give an equal sense of eternity.

Simone Weil

1. It’s cloudy and gloomy today. Also no rain. If it’s going to glower, I wish it would just go ahead and rain. But, on the happiness side, it’s not beastly hot, and there aren’t any fires to put smoke in the air.

2. I got a short walk around campus this morning before Bible study, and then another longer walk after lunch. Finally a medium walk to finish out my 10,000 steps in the afternoon.

3. At Bible study this morning we read and talked about the story of Jesus meeting two men on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus after the resurrection. We wondered why they didn’t recognize Jesus at first, but he disappeared as soon as they did. Then I remembered that we lived in a house with a ghost in England. We heard noises, and i would occasionally catch a glimpse of somebody/something out of the tail of my eye. In an effort to reassure our kids we called the strange happenings “Fred”. After we had lived there a couple of years, Big Al and I were at the pub and said something about “Fred”, and the other patrons of the pub got really quiet, and finally somebody said “Oh, you know about Fred?” The village had made a pact not to tell us for fear we would be afraid and leave. Fred Pratley had been killed at the bottom of our lane about 40 years before, and the people who knew about him used to see his ghost going to the pub. I don’t know why we named the noises “Fred”, except we must have been led. Back to the Emmaus story, once we recognized “him”, he ceased to be around much, although he did wave good-bye to us on the footpath to the next village the night before we left England.

4. Big Al and I had our standard Tuesday lunch (a holdover from the days when the Bistro was open). Big Al had a chef salad, delivered from the kitchen at FTJ, and I had a tuna fish salad sandwich that I made here. (We are so boring. I’m attempting to keep our routine as close as possible to the way it was before all this started.)

5. Got all my steps in today. It was cool, but not too cold, even though the wind was a little blustery.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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