Five things that made me happy today – 5/7/20

Out of every crisis, every tribulation, every disaster, mankind rises with some share of greater knowledge, of higher decency, of purer purpose.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1. Another spectacular day. High of 63 deg. and not a cloud in the sky all day long – the mountain is out!

2. We had steak and green beans for lunch, and Big Al had leftover BBQ beans while I had yellow squash.

3. Took a couple of walks around the campus and managed to get all my steps for the day.

4. My personal trainer was in today, and while she’s not allowed to do any “training” we were able to talk a while. She let me vent on some of the things that are beginning to really bother me. She is such positive person. She’s been trained in emotional and spiritual wellness as well as physical wellness, and she gave me some tips about how to weather this trying time. She is also working up an exercise routine so I can hopefully get back to where I was before this nonsense started.

5. We watched a really weird show on BritBox last night called The Ruth Rendell Mysteries. Colin Firth was the protagonist and he looked like he was about 22 years old. There were three episodes and that was the whole season. I think we’ll try the second season tonight.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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