Five things that made me happy today – 5/30/20

Chaos does not have to destroy us. The old world is certainly dying, but the shape of the new world struggling to be born is not yet determined.

Heather Cox Richardson

1. Really cloudy and cool when I woke up, and there were rumbles of thunder over the Kitsap Peninsula as I drank my early tea. I put off taking my shower until the leading edge of the storm had passed. It continued to rain off and off all day – nothing hard, just a steady drip.

2. There was a break in the rain between 10 am and noon. I took advantage of it and had Big Al drive me to Trader Joe’s (so he could drop me off at the end of the line and then park near the door.) I got some flowers to brighten our house, and my sausages. Then we ran by the little nursery on the way home and got deer repellent and slug bait. I tried to get a new hose while I was there, but the only one they had was heavy, 100 ft. long and cost $75.00. So we went to Ace Hardware (I didn’t know they were open, but I guess their plumbing and electrical supplies make them an essential business.) They had a hose that was light weight, and looks like a slinky, and I bought it.

3. Finally got home a little after noon, and fixed our lunch of Tortilla Soup with chicken, and flour tortillas. I also had an avocado that I added to mine. Good choice for a cool, rainy day.

4. I took the car over to the Wellness Center to do my workout, and I’m glad I did, because the heavens opened up shortly after I got there. Thank goodness for the NuStep, so I don’t have to try to walk in the rain.

5.I hooked up the hose and gave the plants I planted yesterday a good drink (they’re on the porch so they didn’t get the benefit of the rain). Then I washed the dirt off the porch and sprayed deer repellent on the flowers. The deer are so bold that they have no compunction about coming right up on the porch and nibbling the coleus right down to the ground.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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