Five things that made me happy today – 6/10/20

Do whatever you can to cope. Sit and watch the birds; close your eyes and breathe; connect with your heart. It’s okay, even critical, to find relief where you can.

Gretchen Staebler

1. There was more rain in the night, but it quit before 9:00 am. Since then it’s been cloudy with sunbreaks, and surprisingly warm. We were promised 71 deg., but it didn’t quite make it there, although it did get up to  67 deg. with very little wind.

2. I took a short walk this morning before the second installment of the Zoom series we’ve been watching about popular music through the decades. We watched the 60s last week, and this week we watched the 70s. It focused on hard rock including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie. We also looked at and listened to James Brown. The presenter even had time to talk about some country music (highlighting Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton). An hour isn’t really long enough to hear about the whole decade, but he did a decent job of hitting some of the highlights.

3. For lunch, Big Al and I each fixed our own. I had a vegetable lunch – purple hull peas, yellow squash, and rice. Al made macaroni and cheese, and had a big bowl of salad to go with it.

4. I got a new mask today, and it’s much more comfortable than the other ones. If the “mask-eater” in the washing machine gets this one, I’m going to cry foul

5. Stopped by the garden on my way to the Wellness Center. Things are looking pretty good, although the beans probably need fertilizer. They’re a little yellow. 10,000 steps are done and dusted.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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