Five things that made me happy today – 6/18/20

We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.

James Baldwin

1. Eight years ago today, Big Al and I arrived at Franke Tobey Jones, and put down as many roots as we’ve ever had. I can’t think of another place, or another set of people (other than family) I would rather be in lockdown with. The residents that were here and became our friends when we arrived have gradually died or moved to different living situations, but they’ve usually been replaced by even better friends. And the quality of the staff has only improved. I love the Wellness trainers, the kitchen and food service folks are great, and the administration is solid and caring.

2. As I’m sure you already know, the Supremes refused to allow Trump to do away with DACA. That’s cause for rejoicing.

3. I went to the garden this morning and watered. Someone else who also has a plot over there and I agreed that all the tomatoes in the place have a problem. We couldn’t decide whether it was weather or something else, but at least it’s not something I’m doing wrong.

4. We had another “Friends and Family” parade this afternoon. It’s nice to see people who are not here all the time, even if they weren’t allowed to stop and talk. We also had a fire truck, a motorcycle policeman, and a couple of police cars. Great weather in the low 70s.

5. Alas, as I was afraid, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tacoma are going up since we’ve started to open up again. I said a couple of days ago that the seven-day rolling average has started to go up from less than three to over 6 today. The good thing about this is all the staff here has now been tested, along with all the people in Health Care and in Assisted Living and none of the tests were positive. All and I will get tested next Tuesday. I’m not worried, because, if the staff is all negative there’s nowhere I could have picked it up.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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