Five things that made me happy today – 6/25/20

You never know how small the box you are in is until you escape it.

David Hayward

1. Just got the call, both Big Al and I are negative for COVID-19. I was “sure” we were, but it’s nice to be SURE.

2. The people who live next door have an anniversary today. They had pipers at their wedding and every year the pipers come back and serenade them, so we were treated to a bagpipe concert in our front yard.

3. I spent most of the morning copying and pasting some of the photos that I scanned before we moved out here into Dropbox, and then I shared that Dropbox folder with the siblings. Eventually, I hope to move all those photos over to Dropbox. My server is chugging along like a champ, but I worry that I don’t have those pictures backed up anywhere else.

4. Ran out of time to fix lunch, so I fetched a hamburger for Big Al and fish and chips for me from Red Wagon Burgers.

5. Didn’t make it to the Wellness Center in time this afternoon, so I took the long way around going to the garden, and coming home from there. I got the plants watered. The nozzle that was messed up has been replaced, but now the standpipe is leaking badly. Sigh. The plants are looking pretty happy with the sunshine.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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