Five things that made me happy today – 7/14/20

Power swells the head and shatters the crown.

Stewart Stafford

1. Another really beautiful day – another 2-shirter. 55 deg. this morning, and low 70s now! Blue skies and no clouds.

2. I watched Heather Cox Richardson’s webinar this morning. She is so knowledgeable and articulate, I’m in awe. She explains everything so that I actually feel like I can follow along, but I need to watch it again about 4 times to take it all in. 

3. We had our standard Tuesday lunches – chef salad for Big Al, and egg salad sandwich for me.

4. I walked over to the garden and watered today. The squash are getting big and the tomatoes look to be in better shape than they did last week. I guess my sister was right, all they needed was some more sun and warmer temperatures.

5. I have a farewell party for retiring members of the GA Nominating Committee on Zoom. Somehow, a party in my bedroom in front of a computer with no snacks and the only wine is what I bring myself is a little anti-climatic, but that’s the time we’re living in. I’ll miss them, but I’m pretty sure we have folks who are equally impressive to replace them.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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