Five things that made me happy today – 7/20/20

The thing that really surprised me was that (the earth) projected an air of fragility…I had a feeling it’s tiny, it’s shiny, it’s beautiful, it’s home, and it’s fragile.

Michael Collins

1. Significantly warmer today. 75 deg. with 73% humidity by mid-morning. I remember why I no longer live in Texas. I was drenched after a walk to the garden and back! This weather is great if you can sit very still in the shade. There’s usually a gentle breeze blowing.

2. Our primary ballots arrived. I know who I’ll be voting for in the House of Representatives race, major state races and in some of the local races, but I need to read up on some of them. Fortunately, the State sends a really comprehensive brochure that prints what the candidate wants voters to know. There are 36 people running for Governor, and 11 for Lt. Governor. They can state a party preference, but aren’t necessarily endorsed by that party. The top two vote getters go head-to-head in a runoff unless one gets more than 50% of the vote.

3. Pork chops, Brussels sprouts, red potatoes, and cinnamon applesauce for dinner.

4. The laundry was washed, dried, folded, and hung up before Driveway Happy Hour.

5. For Happy Hour today, I put our chairs in the shade of the garage instead of out at the edge of the street. They brought margaritas and cold beer, as well as wine, sodas and snacks. How about that – I got a margarita two days in a row!!!

BONUS: Our COO is going to attend the Zoom Gazebo Group call this afternoon. We have questions about when and if they are going to relax some of the stringent regulations for those of us who live independently. Hopefully we’ll get some real answers.

How about you? What made you happy today?

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