Five things that made me happy today – 8/14/20

As we build bridges and even become bridges, we will be doing a service to the world.

John A. Powell

1. Another beautiful day today. Cool this morning 56 deg., mid 70s with a light breeze this afternoon. Perfect day for a walk or two.

2. This morning on my walk I ran across this Mama Deer taking a nap under a bush. She seemed to be unconcerned when she saw me. She wasn’t supposed to be in the garden, though.

I think either she, or one of her fawns, ate all the blossoms off of some of the flowers on my front walk.

3. My new Echo Dot came this morning and is all hooked up. I was able to find the box for my old (big) Echo, so all I have to do is take it to UPS and send it back to Amazon to get a little rebate.

4. After lunch I saw one of the maintenance men while I was walking over to the Wellness Center. He told me they would be working on my back porch/deck on Monday through Thursday next week. I’m going to have to be sure the birds are watered and fed before they start.

5. Ice cream today. We got Blue Bunny Big Vanilla Sandwiches (with chocolate cookie outsides.)

How about you? What made you happy today?

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